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High Points

Stories published by the Yale Alumni Magazine in the past several years have been covered on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and the front page and opinion pages of the New York Times.

We publish original work by outstanding writers. Tom Wolfe, Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham, National Book Award winners Julia Glass and Andrew Solomon, and New York Times Sunday Review editor Sam Tanenhaus have all appeared in our pages. We also publish work by first-class writers whose names aren’t as well known (yet).

We’ve won two gold awards from Folio:, the trade magazine of the magazine industry, since 2004. In 2012, in the CASE national alumni magazine competition, we won a “Grand Gold” for best article published. The “Grand Gold” is an optional award that the judges rarely give; the previous one was given in 2006.

The Basics

The print version of the Yale Alumni Magazine is published bimonthly and distributed to almost 135,000 alumni of Yale—nearly all the alumni for whom Yale has viable mailing addresses. Some 5,000 faculty and staff also receive the magazine.

The magazine’s archives are available online at yalealumnimagazine.com, where we also publish several blogs that keep alumni up to date with happenings on campus and with Yale alumni news.

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Our Staff

Kathrin Day Lassila ’81, editor
Mark Alden Branch ’86, executive editor
Ellen Z. Cole, alumni notes & school notes editor
Peggy Edersheim Kalb ’86, senior editor
Carole Bass ’83, ’97MSL, senior writer
Bruce Fellman, contributing writer
Lee Anna Jackson, research editor

Mark Zurolo Graphic Design, art direction
Karen Unger, production coordinator & webmaster
Celia Poirier, assistant art director

Mary W. Beard, advertising sales manager
Jacqueline Skehan, advertising representative
Theresa Holder, business manager
Marlise Langan, administrative assistant

The Yale Alumni Magazine is honored to have Laura R. Handman ’73, Esq., as Media Law Adviser and Diane Straus Tucker ’73 as Publishing Adviser.

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The Yale Alumni Magazine was founded as the Yale Alumni Weekly in 1891 by the student editors of the Yale Daily News. In the first issue, its founders declared that the publication was to be “run exclusively for the benefit of the graduates.” It was to “serve as an organ for the expression of graduate opinion upon topics concerning the welfare and interest of Yale” and to “act as a bond between the Alumni themselves and between the Alumni and the University.”

After a few years, the Daily News sold the new publication to two alumni, who ran it privately until 1909. In that year, the Yale Publishing Association was founded as publisher of the Weekly, governed by a nonprofit corporation “formed to hold [the YPA] in trust for the Yale graduates at large.” In 1937, the Alumni Board of Yale incorporated the nonprofit Yale Alumni Publications, Inc., to take over publication of what was soon renamed the Yale Alumni Magazine.

Mission Statement

On June 16, 2003, the Board of Directors of Yale Alumni Publications, Inc., approved the following Statement of Purpose for the magazine:

The magazine shall be a principal means of communication among alumni, the Yale University community, and others interested in Yale. A defining characteristic of the magazine is its editorial independence.

The magazine should impartially explore the achievements, issues, and problems of the University—of its administration, faculty, and student body—in order to convey a complete, fair, and accurate understanding of Yale today. In addition, the magazine shall record news of the alumni, providing them with a continued sense of belonging to the University and with opportunities to communicate with each other. The magazine may also publish original writing by faculty, alumni, and other members of the University community on intellectual and educational topics of interest to the alumni.

In all that it does, the Yale Alumni Magazine should strive for high standards of excellence in editorial content and design and seek to advance the long-term best interests of the University and the alumni. It should inform and inspire its diverse and ever-evolving readership, moving its readers to remain intellectually engaged with the University. The magazine should evoke Yale as it was in the past, portray Yale in all its complexity today, and thoughtfully probe the opportunities and challenges confronting Yale in the future.


The Yale Alumni Magazine is published by Yale Alumni Publications, Inc., a nonprofit incorporated in Connecticut. Yale Alumni Publications is run by a governing board that does not control or oversee the magazine’s content, but does oversee its general operations and fiscal health. The Board of Directors includes representatives of the Yale faculty, alumni, and administration, as well as leading journalists and publishers.

Currently, the journalists on the magazine’s governing board are Paul Steiger, editor of ProPublica and former editor of the Wall Street Journal; Jim Amoss, editor of the New Orleans Times-Picayune and current chair of the Pulitzer board; and Joanne Lipman, Newsweek columnist and former editor of Condé Nast’s Portfolio magazine.

The by-laws of Yale Alumni Publications, Inc., state that “the Editor shall have sole responsibility for the editorial content of YAM” and “has final authority to determine what is published in YAM and how it is presented.”

As of September 1, 2014, the members of the Board of Directors of Yale Alumni Publications, Inc., are:

Joanne Lipman ’83
Principal, Surrey Lane Media, LLC; Columnist, Newsweek

Vice Chair
Paul E. Steiger ’64
Editor-in-Chief and President, ProPublica Inc.

Philip G. Boyle ’71
Partner, Morgan Brown & Joy LLP

Susanna Krentz ’80
President and Founder, Krentz Consulting LLC

Alison Brody ’95
Vice Chair, Association of Yale Alumni

Gregg Castellucci ’17PhD
President, Graduate and Professional Student Senate

J. Weili Cheng ’77
Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC

Mark Dollhopf ’77
Executive Director, Association of Yale Alumni

Steven Girvin
Deputy Provost for Science and Technology; Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics and Applied Physics

Margaret Grey ’76MSN
Dean and Annie Goodrich Professor, Yale School of Nursing

Gary Haller
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Yale University

Michael Herbert ’16
President, Yale College Council

Kathrin Day Lassila ’81
Editor, Yale Alumni Magazine

Linda K. Lorimer ’77JD
Vice President, Yale University

Ben Smith ’99
Editor-in-Chief, BuzzFeed

Elizabeth Stauderman ’83, ’04MSL
Chief Communications Officer, Yale Office of Public Affairs & Communications