• Light & Verity

    Mad dogs

    Handsome Dan stickers on Yale Shuttles are a red flag for local canines.

    May/Jun 2016
  • Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

    Light & Verity

    Where there’s smoke...

    Lots of chimneys, but not so many fireplaces in the new residential colleges.

    May/Jun 2016
  • features


    Can Yale-NUS recreate residential college life in tropical high-rise towers? We take a look at the Singapore college’s new campus.

    Mar/Apr 2016
  • Light & Verity

    Calhoun portraits taken down

    A decision on the college’s name is still to come.

    Mar/Apr 2016 | Ico comments 5 comments
  • Last Look

    Writing on the wall

    Eight words on the side of a building, tied to abolition, secession, and “Jingle Bells.”

    Nov/Dec 2015
  • Light & Verity

    Yale tries an internal charge for carbon

    If energy use comes at a cost, will it change behavior?

    Nov/Dec 2015