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"What she was born to do"

Scholar, teacher, writer: Marie Borroff 1923-2019

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Mystery Monday: room with a view

This might be one of the toughest Mystery Mondays we’ve done. Can you tell us where this...


The women who changed Yale College: introduction

On the 50th anniversary of undergraduate coeducation, we hear from some of the first women about their experience.
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Bending toward equality

How—and when—the proportion of women in Yale College reached 50 percent.

Arts & Culture

Learning to listen

A play about a knock-down drag-out fight between a professor and a student explores our current rut of "unsuccessful conversations."

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Light & Verity

New engineering dean pulls double duty
Dean of science Jeffrey Brock '92 adds engineering to his portfolio.
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Old Yale

A "Select Course" that helped reshape Yale
The three-year bachelor of philosophy degree foretold a changing curriculum.
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Last Look

Bridge over untroubled waters
The West Campus: a river runs through it.
Taking it on The Chin A womb of one's own View all Last Look



Left on the drawing board
The university has scrapped many major building proposals in the past 130 years. What would the campus look like if it hadn’t?
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Student Life

The three-minute thesis
In a Graduate School competition, PhD candidates try to reduce the work of several years to an elevator pitch.
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Faculty & Staff

Don't listen to the naysayers
"You're a woman," a professor told Joan Steitz. "You'll get married and have kids. What good will a PhD have done you?"
Can a book change the course of your life? The alchemist of costuming View all Faculty & Staff