Science & Health

  • Anuragrana18/Wikimedia Commons


    Hot spots

    Yale research points to a way to measure someone's past sun exposure—and cancer risk.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Gregory Nemec


    Want to be credible? Admit your mistakes.

    People trust product reviewers who say they've made bad purchases.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Chris Cassidy


    Defying stigma

    For LGBTQ people who suffer from isolation and shame, public health professor John Pachankis has devised a pathway to healing.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Where They Are Now

    Tech, scrappy cities, and viola

    Telecommunications expert Susan Crawford '84, '89JD, has been quitting jobs steadily since 1986.

    Mar/Apr 2020 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • Milestones

    Daydream believer

    Psychologist Jerome Singer explored the value of imagination and fantasy.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • features

    The climate in California

    America's most populous state has reduced its carbon output to 1990 levels. One determined Yalie has led the charge.

    Jan/Feb 2020 | Ico comments 6 comments