New Haven

  • Last Look

    Stephanie the Riveter

    A new online database makes thousands of Depression-era photos searchable by place.

    Nov/Dec 2014
  • Tony Fiorini

    New Haven

    Teaching for the teachers

    Yale faculty and New Haven teachers collaborate.

    Sep/Oct 2014
  • Light & Verity

    Pickup band

    Students in a summer music program pop up all over campus.

    Sep/Oct 2014
  • New Haven

    Whispering Galleries

    Public library art, courtesy of a shopkeeper from the 1800s.

    Jul/Aug 2014
  • Last Look

    Joining the clubs

    Meet Yale’s ceremonial maces.

    Jul/Aug 2014
  • features

    The life of Richard Henry Green

    Yale College’s first African American graduate became a Civil War assistant surgeon and a New England country doctor.

    May/Jun 2014