• Sporting Life

    Taking a hit—and learning a lesson

    Two hockey alums spread the word about concussion recovery.

    Sep/Oct 2017
  • Where They Are Now

    Still in the running

    Catching up with Olympic marathoner Frank Shorter ’69.

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • Findings

    Perfect pitch

    Exploring the physics of throwing.

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • Sporting Life

    Spring sports highlights: 2017

    A national championship for crew; an NCAA appearance for baseball.

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • Courtesy ECAC

    Sporting Life

    Winter sports highlights: 2017

    Conference titles for two teams, and the first-ever Ivy hoops tournament.

    May/Jun 2017
  • Mark Ostow


    Sit. Stay. Boola Boola.

    Once, the bulldog was supposed to strike fear into the hearts of Yale’s opponents. As a new Handsome Dan grows into the title, his job is to be dangerously cute.

    Mar/Apr 2017