School of architecture

School Notes: School of Architecture
November/December 2019

Latest building project opens

This year’s Jim Vlock First-Year Building Project, a three-unit house in New Haven’s Hill South neighborhood, opened its doors to the community on September 23. The building, designed and built by first-year graduate architecture students along with the nonprofit Columbus House, will be a new residence for three individuals who formerly struggled with homelessness. The house will also soon host a new array of photovoltaic panels, the result of a collaboration between Columbus House and New Haven Community Solar, an initiative founded by graduates of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

Exhibition celebrates former faculty member

Still Facing Infinity: The Tectonic Sculptures of Erwin Hauer, an exhibition at the School of Architecture, celebrates the work and legacy of the longtime Yale faculty member who died in 2017. Many of Hauer’s intricate and formally innovative architecture screens, ornaments, and sculptures are on display, allowing visitors to witness the design process through which Hauer intuited his complex infinite modular surfaces. The exhibition runs through November 16.

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