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School Notes: School of Architecture
January/February 2021

Perspecta 53

The latest issue of Perspecta, the Yale architectural journal, was launched this past fall. Edited by recent graduates Caroline Acheatel ’18MArch, ’18MEM, Paul Lorenz ’17MArch, Paul Rasmussen ’17MArch, and Alexander Stagge ’17MArch, the current issue examines the ethics of design, construction, and the built environment, collecting articles and essays by a wide range of practitioners, historians, and theorists. Contributors include Fernanda Canales, Samia HenniJala Makhzoumi ’75MEnvD, Nicholas de Monchaux ’95, Surry Schlabs ’99, ’03MArch, ’17PhD, and Anna Tsing, among many others. Perspecta is the oldest student-edited architecture journal in the US, and Perspecta 53 continues the publications legacy as the leading forum for architectural discourse.


Students from the post-professional MArch II degree program will host a symposium on retrofuturism—the aesthetic nostalgia for earlier eras of optimism about the future. Taking place over the course of a week in mid-March, the symposium will take the form of a series of virtual conversations between paired speakers including Lucia Allais, Peggy Deamer, Anna Heringer, Clark Thenhaus, and Xu Tiantian.

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