School of nursing

Professor studies child exploitation

A US government committee, formed at the request of the Department of Justice to conduct a study of sex trafficking of children in the United States, will include among its members YSN associate dean for academic affairs Barbara Guthrie. Guthrie is part of a panel of experts who will review relevant research and inform future policy and practices within law enforcement, human services, and health care agencies. The committee was formed by the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences, and the National Research Council.

Helping teens cope with diabetes

YSN dean Margaret Grey and associate professor Robin Whittemore have received $750,000 from the American Diabetes Association to expand on past successes in helping adolescents cope with type 1 diabetes. Grey and Whittemore developed TeenCope, an online forum using an eye-catching graphic novel format to get adolescents talking to each other about managing diabetes. The site also delivers coping-skills lessons from animated characters. The new three-year translational research project, “Integrating Behavioral Care for Teens with Diabetes,” will enhance online participation through social networking, as peer support is an important component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and study its outcomes.

Nursing journal honors textbook

The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) has named Sleep Disorders and Sleep Promotion in Nursing Practice a Book of the Year for 2011. The graduate-level nursing textbook was coedited by Nancy Redeker, YSN professor and associate dean for scholarly affairs. The award states, “This well-written book provides a thorough exploration of sleep disorders. It outlines nursing care and guidelines to assist in the workup for sleep disturbances. As many geriatric patients experience such disorders, it’s extremely relevant for nurses caring for this population.” The AJN judges added that the book “provides information on a topic that’s not always covered in curriculum but is relevant to all patients.”

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