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School Notes: School of Art
July/August 2019

Marta Kuzma |

Botswana-born artist joins faculty

Meleko Mokgosi has been appointed associate professor in painting and printmaking at the Yale School of Art, effective July 2019. Mokgosi is engaged in a project-based practice positioned between cinema studies, psychoanalysis, critical theory, and post-colonial studies. Dean Marta Kuzmanotes: “As an artist and an educator, Meleko Mokgosi is dedicated to an expanded language of aesthetic and historical references while building on the necessary tools to create a sustainable and critical studio practice. His regard for the larger political ramifications of techniques of production explore the conceptual foregrounding of painting and in doing so, his approach challenges the way in which many graduate students grapple with negotiating critical social questions within their artist practice.”

Collaborative summer school launches in London

Celebrating its inaugural program year this July, the Artist Collective is a London-based summer school hosted by the Paul Mellon Centre (PMC) in cooperation with the Yale School of Art, the Yale art history department, the Yale Center for British Art, and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. Taking place over 12 days in London, the Artist Collective Summer School will provide a forum for stimulating discussion and debate on a theme—this year, forms of artistic collectivity—that is of interest to both art students and art history students, that is of relevance in relation to both historic and contemporary art, and that is investigated through the prism of British artistic and architectural practice. Eight MFA students from the Yale Art School of Art and eight PhD students from the Yale history of art department have been invited to participate in the inquiry-driven summer school alongside their UK-based peers, which include four PhD students and members of the PMC’s Doctoral Research Network, as well as additional artist members of the ICA’s wider community.

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