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School Notes: School of Art
September/October 2008

Marta Kuzma |

Sculpture department returns home

Now that the School of Architecture has vacated the Sculpture Building and returned to the A&A Building, the School of Art has begun the process of refitting the Sculpture Building to accommodate the needs of art students. MFA students, undergraduate majors, and all students enrolled in sculpture courses will be able to take classes in the space beginning in the spring semester of 2009. In addition, the building will house production areas and classrooms for work in video, as well as a gallery for exhibitions. This move back to the Sculpture Building will bring all components of the School of Art back to the arts area of campus, which includes the two major university art galleries and the renovated A&A Building.

MFA photography on view

The seven 2008 graduates of the MFA program in photography -- Samantha Contis, Jen Davis, Bryan Graf, Richard Mosse, Bradley Peters, Sasha Rudensky, Sarah Stolfa, Marley White, and Suyeon Yun -- had their work exhibited this summer at Gallery 339 in Philadelphia. The gallery's owner describes the work by this group of photographers as "very broad, ranging across the spectrum of contemporary experience, from deeply personal explorations of self to expansive, chaotic visions of American society." Yet, he adds, there is a "consistency of interest in the state of ourselves and the world." The exhibition was on view from July 11 through September 6. It can be found online at



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