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School Notes: School of Art
March/April 2011

Marta Kuzma |

Faculty member tours India

Just as tenured faculty are allowed a sabbatical at regular intervals, adjunct professors are usually granted a semester off every six years to enrich their profession and recharge. Associate dean Samuel Messer ’81MFA is on a triennial leave this semester with his wife, writer Eleanor Gaver. They are touring India from Mumbai to Jaipur to Pushkar, and will continue on to Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. From across the world Messer is creating drawings on his iPad of the sights he encounters and then sending them back to the school, where they are being printed and posted on his office walls as a travelogue. Messer is also taking short video clips along the way, and some of these are posted on his faculty web page, Messer, director of the art division of the Norfolk Summer School of Music and Art, will return to campus in time to lead that program.

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