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School Notes: School of Art
January/February 2009

Marta Kuzma |

New gallery will focus on international artists

The School of Art's new exhibition gallery at 36 Edgewood will highlight trends in art from around the world, and will "break out of the North American/East Coast-centered view of the art world," according to Dean Robert Storr. "The art world is no longer centered in New York or, for that matter, anywhere in particular," he added. "This is but one example of the ways in which the school is forging active links with cultural centers from Sao Paulo to Beijing, Moscow to Johannesburg, and Madrid to Istanbul." The gallery will open on January 20 and its first exhibition, featuring recent works by artists from India, will be on view during the month of February. The school hopes to mount four exhibitions each year.

In addition to its purpose as an exhibition space, the new gallery will also act as a classroom in which students will assist in all aspects of organizing exhibitions. Students will be involved in selecting and installing the works; they will write about the works and publish brochures; and they will learn firsthand how exhibitions are conceived and produced, how art occupies space, and how context informs content.

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