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School Notes: Yale College
September/October 2013

Native American Cultural Center

After years of sharing space with the Asian American Cultural Center, the Native American Cultural Center will be moving into a separate, fully refurbished new space this fall. The grand opening, scheduled for November 8–10, 2013, coincides with the Fourth Henry Roe Cloud Conference. The center is located at 26 High Street and has rooms for lounging, study, gathering, and performance. A new kitchen on the first floor and a third-floor gallery space round out this important new step in the continued growth of the Native American and indigenous community at Yale.

Yale Arts Calendar redesigned

The Yale Arts Calendar, an illustrated, online listing of arts events of Yale students and alumni, has just been redesigned. The calendar, which features exhibitions, lectures, plays, and concerts by professionals, graduate students, visiting artists, and undergraduates, provides the Yale community, and the public at large, with information about the university’s rich arts resources. Use it to find out what’s happening on campus, to stay informed about alumni in the arts, or to submit an event of your own. You can visit the calendar at http://artscalendar.yale.edu.

Building a better blue book

When students return to campus in the fall, they will receive printed copies of the Yale College Programs of Study, also known as the blue book, just as they always have. But they will also be able to use a new version of the YCPS, newly launched by the university registrar, as they consider majors and design their course schedules. The new blue book, viewable at http://catalog.yale.edu/ycps, supports mobile devices and is available to the public.

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