Yale college

School Notes: Yale College
March/April 2014

Deans step down

President Salovey announced in January that Yale College dean Mary Miller would step down at the end of June when her term ends. He also announced that Yale Graduate School dean Thomas Pollard would step down at the same time. Salovey told the Yale community that he would appoint an advisory committee to recommend successors for both deans, but added that an Ad Hoc Committee on Decanal Structures would present possibilities for changing the governance structure for the faculty of arts and sciences, including the option of adding a dean of that faculty. If a third dean were to be added, the president said, he would ask the advisory committee to consider recommendations for all three positions.

Alumni at the Grammys

Alumni from Yale College and the School of Music received Grammy awards or nominations in January. Thomas Newman ’77, ’78MusM, won Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media for the film Skyfall, and Brad Wells ’05MusAD and his ensemble Roomful of Teeth won Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance, for their eponymous debut album. The group includes Estelí Gomez ’08, Caroline Shaw ’07MusM, Eric Dudley ’03MusM,’11MusAD, Dashon Burton ’11MusM, and Virginia Warnken ’13MusM. The vocal quartet New York Polyphony, whose members include Christopher Dylan Herbert ’02 and Steven Caldicott Wilson ’07MusM, was nominated for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance, for its album Times go by Turns. And The National, whose members include Bryce Dessner ’98, ’99MusM, was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album, for its album Trouble Will Find Me. 

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