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School Notes: Yale College
January/February 2015

Alumnus awarded history prize

Jacob Anbinder ’14 is the winner of the Raymond J. Cunningham Prize from the American Historical Association for his article “The South Shall Ride Again: The Origins of MARTA and the Making of the Urban South.” The article was published in the Yale Historical Review (Spring 2013). The Cunningham Prize is awarded annually in recognition of the best article published in a history department journal that was written by an undergraduate student. The prize will be awarded during a ceremony at the association’s annual meeting in New York in January.

Four masters stepping down

Morse College master Amy Hungerford, Saybrook College master Paul Hudak, Silliman College master Judith Krauss, and Timothy Dwight College master Jeff Brenzel all announced this semester that they would be stepping down from their respective masterships at the end of the 2014–15 academic year. Krauss, who has served for 15 years, will be retiring after 44 years on the faculty of the School of Nursing; Hudak, who has served for six years, will be managing medical treatments for chronic health problems and returning to teaching and research; Hungerford, who was master for three years, will become the divisional director for the humanities, in that role supporting the intellectual priorities of Yale’s 23 humanities departments and programs; and Brenzel, who has served for five years—and 18 years as a senior administrator—will be focusing on personal and professional projects. The search for successors will begin in the spring.

Eleven Yalies among Rhodes and Marshall scholars

This year, five alumni and six seniors were named as Rhodes or Marshall scholars, two of the most coveted academic awards for study in Great Britain.

Benjamin Mappin-Kasirer ’14 was awarded one of 11 Canadian Rhodes scholarships; Gabriel M. Zucker ’12 and three Yale seniors—Matthew J. Townsend, Jordan R. Konell, and Jane Darby Menton—received four of the 32 US Rhodes scholarships awarded in 2014, the most of any college or university. The US students were chosen out of a pool of 877 students nominated by 305 colleges and universities nationwide. 

Benjamin Daus-Haberle ’12, Edmund “Ned” Downie ’14, and Katherine McDaniel ’14, along with seniors Sarah Norvell, Miranda Rizzolo, and Rahul Singh, were recognized with Marshall scholarships. This is the highest number of Marshall scholarships awarded to Yale students in a single year in over 30 years.

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