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School Notes: Faculty of Arts & Sciences
November/December 2021

Tamar Gendler | http://fas.yale.edu

Faculty celebrated for transformative contributions to community

Four FAS faculty members have received the inaugural FAS Dean’s Award for Inclusion and Belonging, which celebrates those who have made outstanding contributions to sustaining inclusivity at Yale and beyond. The award winners span the academic disciplines and support their communities in myriad ways. Anjelica Gonzalez (biomedical engineering) leads efforts to welcome students from underrepresented communities to the pursuit of science. Andrew Miranker (molecular biophysics and biochemistry) has helped transform faculty recruitment and climate in his department. Stephen Pitti ’91 (history; American studies; ethnicity, race and migration) leads conversations on how universities can be more equitable and inclusive; and James Tierney (English language program) has worked tirelessly to make Yale feel like home to scores of international students. 

An old tradition for a new office

The university mace and the ceremonial maces of each Yale school are among the most recognizable symbols of Yale. Until now, the FAS had no mace of its own. This year, a new mace, crafted by artist Howard Newman, will join those carried at commencement. The mace features text in Latin, Hebrew, and Ancient Greek; symbols representing art and music, science and technology’s past and future; and the pursuit of truth. The names of deans of the FAS will be engraved on silver bands on the mace’s handle, along with an inscription acknowledging Patricia and Kenneth McKenna ’75, ’78PhD, who donated funds for the mace’s creation. The mace’s handle was made by Provost Scott Strobel of wood from the Yale campus, and inside the mace are pebbles from the Quinnipiac River. Founded in 2014, the FAS dean’s office is among the newest administrative offices at Yale; with this mace, we are proud to join in a longstanding Yale tradition.  

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