Graduate school of arts and sciences

Interim home for student center

In preparation for the closing of HGS for renovations over the next summer, the McDougal Center has moved into a temporary location at 135 Prospect Street. The McDougal Center is where Yale’s 3,000 GSAS students and their families gather for social, cultural, and family programs organized by the Office of Student Life. Since 1997, the McDougal Center has been home to all major GSAS events, from orientation to commencement. It will continue to serve that function in its new location and in its future permanent home. 

Sequencing the Lyme disease genome

Yale researchers have devised a novel technique to sequence the full genome of the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Katharine Walter ’17PhD (public health), currently a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University, was lead author of an article that describes how they did it (published in Nature Ecology & Evolution this past August). Using ticks that tested positive for the pathogen, they added sequence-specific genetic “hooks” that bonded with the genetic material of the tick but not with that of the bacterium. They were then able to remove the bacterial DNA and sequence it normally.

Alumna named fellow at Open Society

Every year, only three students out of hundreds of applicants are awarded Presidential Fellowships at the Open Society Foundations. This year, Zeinab Khalil ’17MA (global affairs) is one of them. Based in New York City, she is learning first-hand about the core management and strategic concerns of a complex global philanthropy, with a special focus on gender and race as they impact EU and US migration policies. She has worked with refugee women in Turkey, and was a community organizer and policy associate at the Arab American Association of New York. Open Society, founded by investor and philanthropist George Soros, works to promote democracy in more than 70 countries.

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