Graduate school of arts and sciences

Enhanced parental relief

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) recently announced the expansion of its Parental Support & Relief Policy to cover each student parent if they are both doctoral students at the Graduate School. Previously GSAS provided parental relief for only one doctoral student per family. Each parent will receive relief from academic, research, and teaching duties for at least eight weeks for the birth or adoption of a child. Students also receive an incremental term of registration, a full stipend, and the GSAS Health Fellowship while on parental relief.

Guide facilitates advising processes

In November, GSAS released its Guide to Advising Processes for Faculty and Students. The Guide represents the Graduate School’s collective commitment to maintaining the productive faculty-student advising relationships that are at the heart of graduate education. The Guide is the product of collaborative efforts among Yale students, faculty, and staff, including fellows in the Office for Graduate Student Development & Diversity and the Graduate Student Assembly.

Prize teaching fellows

Ten recipients of the Prize Teaching Fellowships were honored at a dinner at the Union League Café on November 12, 2018, hosted by Lynn Cooley, dean of the Graduate School, and Marvin Chun, dean of Yale College.

The award is among the most important honors that Yale bestows upon its PhD students. The following students received the Prize Teaching Fellowship and a cash prize of $3,000: Samantha Berstler (philosophy), Sean Bickerton (biomedical engineering), Andrew Hogan (history), Lucia Hulsether (religious studies), Don Tianmu Li (cell biology), George C. Linderman (mathematics), Marissa Glynias Moore (music), Rodrigo Rebouças (engineering & applied science), Kevin Tobia (philosophy), and Andrina Tran (history).

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