Graduate school of arts and sciences

Increase in applications from diverse students

To many students from underrepresented communities, a Yale graduate school education may seem unattainable. The Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD) is working to change that perception with an ambitious outreach scheme and special programs designed to guide students through the application process and prepare them for graduate study at Yale and other top-notch schools. 

As OGSDD’s efforts unfold, GSAS is seeing a 24-percent increase in applications from students of diverse backgrounds. GSAS is also attracting applicants from a wider range of undergraduate institutions, including a number of colleges not previously represented. “The socioeconomic and first-generation backgrounds of our applicants have also been diversifying in the right direction,” said Denzil Streete, assistant director of diversity at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Streete is a tireless advocate, making numerous campus visits throughout the country, attending national conferences, and hosting webinars for prospective students. In Fall 2019 alone, he offered 29 webinars ranging from “Crafting a Diversity Statement” and “Writing Sample? What Should I Submit?” to question-and-answer sessions with departmental representatives. These seminars reached 3,833 viewers and helped demystify the graduate application process. While not all students applying will be admitted to Yale, OGSDD is committed to making a contribution toward diversifying the academy and ensuring student success should they choose higher education.

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