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School Notes: Yale Divinity School
November/December 2019

Gregory E. Sterling | http://divinity.yale.edu

YDS professor wins Burkitt Medal

John Collins, Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation, has been awarded the prestigious Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies from the British Academy. Collins, who joined the YDS faculty in 2000 from the University of Chicago, is the first Yale professor to receive the Burkitt Medal since the late Brevard Childs in 1999. Childs was a professor of Old Testament at Yale from 1958 to 1999. Collins, a native of Ireland, has published two dozen books during his prolific career, including most recently What Are Biblical Values? (Yale University Press, 2019), which grew out of a popular course by the same name that he teaches. 

Student research uncovers story of the early women of YDS

In the Divinity School’s official histories, women became part of the YDS in the early 1930s with the institution of coeducation. But as Ann-Catherine Wilkening ’19MAR discovered in an intensive research project last spring, many Yale women attended the Divinity School before then, taking, in some instances, upward of half their classes at YDS despite being enrolled in other schools at Yale. Wilkening explored the story of these forgotten women in an in-depth article, “Before Coeducation: The Forgotten Women of YDS,” which can be accessed in the news area of the YDS website.

Scholars explore world Christianity at conference

More than 100 scholars from around the world gathered at the Divinity School in late June for the annual conference of the Yale-Edinburgh Group on World Christianity and the History of Mission. The 29th meeting of the Yale-Edinburgh Group, the conference explored “Diversity and Difference in Custom, Belief, and Practice in the History of Missions and World Christianity.” This year’s conference marked the first meeting since the death last January of Yale-Edinburgh cofounder Lamin Sanneh, D. Willis James Professor of Missions and World Christianity at YDS.

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