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School Notes: David Geffen School of Drama
March/April 2021

James Bundy ’95MFA |

Acting student receives scholarship

Matthew Elijah Webb ’22MFA is among 12 recipients of the 2020 Hoenig Theatre Artist Scholarship. Established in 1992, the scholarship provides financial stipends to individuals working in theater arts or pursuing a degree in theater. Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the theater industry, HTAS has remained deeply dedicated to supporting artists at different stages of their careers.

“I am so grateful to be one of a small group of artists and creatives to receive this award from the Hoenig Theatre Artist Scholarship. It means a great deal to be seen, valued, and honored as a Black artist especially now, in times of great uncertainty for and in our field,” said Webb. “I will continue to be inspired by the amazing artists around me and continue to challenge my artistry to reach new frontiers of my imagination.”

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