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School Notes: Yale Law School
November/December 2018

Heather K. Gerken |

Yale law scholars tackle opioid crisis in journal

Yale Law professors Abbe Gluck ’96, ’00JD, Kate Stith, and Ian Ayres ’81, ’86JD, recently collaborated on a groundbreaking series of articles on the opioid crisis in the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics. The special issue opened with an introduction by the law professors noting the complexities of the crisis. It featured articles by more than two dozen Yale professors, doctors, and students examining issues such as health law, criminal law, addiction science, and social justice and race. The publication comes on the heels of a special seminar—held at Yale Law School and hosted by the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy—that tackled these very issues and culminated with the release of the series of articles. Those working on the project said the issue is a great example of how to harness interdisciplinary interests into a meaningful product that they hope will lead to policy changes in the future.

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