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School Notes: School of Management
November/December 2017

Edward A. Snyder |

Global program offers dual degrees

Yale SOM and four other top business schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management have launched the M2M, a portfolio of double degrees that gives students the opportunity to complete two master’s degrees by attending business schools in two different countries. Six M2M double degrees were available as of September 2017 for student applications. Yale will offer the newly created master of management studies in global business and society as the second year of an M2M dual degree. This initiative is an effort to meet the demands of a globalized economy and to give future business leaders a learning experience that will accelerate their careers.

SOM research sheds light on economic inequality

New research by Yale professors suggests that Americans tend to be overly optimistic about economic equality between white and black citizens. In “Americans misperceive racial economic equality,” Michael W. Kraus of Yale SOM; Jennifer A. Richeson, the Philip R. Allen Professor of Psychology at Yale; and Julian M. Rucker, a doctoral candidate at Yale, compared beliefs about racial economic equality with the reality estimated by economic population data. They found that Americans think our society is much fairer in terms of how wealth and income are shared across racial groups than what the numbers indicate. These overly optimistic perceptions may help explain why wealth and income gaps persist.

The economic benefits of integrated communities

New research by Olav Sorenson, the Frederick Frank ’54 and Mary C. Tanner Professor of Management, indicates that ethnically integrated communities get greater benefit from venture capital investment than more segregated ones. The study found that “a city one standard deviation more racially integrated than the average enjoyed at least 30 percent larger effects of venture capital in terms of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and creating jobs and wealth.” Read more at

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