Arts & Culture

  • Scene on Campus

    But no fur teacups

    The Art Gallery’s Dada Ball offered some inspired weirdness.

    May/Jun 2016
  • Arts & Culture

    Reviews: March/April 2016

    Books about Ronald Reagan and the death of cancer; a CD and songbook full of rounds for singers.

    Mar/Apr 2016
  • Where They Are Now

    The historian behind the Broadway blockbuster

    Before Hamilton the hip-hop hit, there was Hamilton the biography.

    Mar/Apr 2016
  • Last Look


    A place to ponder, Buddhist-style, in the Art Gallery sculpture garden.

    Mar/Apr 2016
  • Findings

    Was Henry VIII brain-damaged?

    Accounts of the king's behavior are consistent with post-concussive syndrome from jousting and equestrian injuries.

    Mar/Apr 2016
  • Yale School of Music

    From the Editor

    Musical interlude

    Hearing the differences in two priceless violins.

    Mar/Apr 2016