Money & Business

  • Q&A: Peter Salovey

    Business plan

    The president talks about creating jobs in New Haven.

    Jan/Feb 2014
  • Yale University

    Light & Verity

    Nobel Prizes for two Yale faculty

    An economist and a biologist win the world's most prestigious prize.

    Nov/Dec 2013
  • Mark Ostow

    New Haven

    Magic carpets

    The Kebabian family has sold rugs—and attended Yale—for 131 years.

    Nov/Dec 2013
  • Findings

    Innovation and the enemy within

    Middle managers like their own people’s ideas best

    Sep/Oct 2013
  • Findings

    Sunshine in medical research

    A company hires Yale researchers to investigate its product—and the results are open to all.

    Sep/Oct 2013
  • Julie Brown


    The fraud detective

    Jim Chanos saw through Enron, Tyco, and the subprime mortgage mess. And made money on them.

    Sep/Oct 2013 | Ico comments 2 comments