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  • Light & Verity

    End of an art history class draws protest

    Reports of the death of European art at Yale are greatly exaggerated.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Chris Cassidy


    Defying stigma

    For LGBTQ people who suffer from isolation and shame, public health professor John Pachankis has devised a pathway to healing.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Milestones

    Daydream believer

    Psychologist Jerome Singer explored the value of imagination and fantasy.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • From the Editor

    The book of the Book of Exodus

    A Divinity School professor's new book looks at how an Old Testament story has been seen over the centuries.

    Mar/Apr 2020


    The big picture

    Yale geographer Karen Seto uses satellite imagery to find out what urban growth is doing to the planet.

    Jan/Feb 2020
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    Light & Verity

    Women's soccer coach leaves amid allegations

    Players at his former school accused him of sexual misconduct.

    Jan/Feb 2020