Science & Health

  • Findings

    Flow state

    What happens if the most important Atlantic current stops running?

    Mar/Apr 2017
  • Findings

    The mice that roared

    Pulses of laser light turn mild Dr. Jekyll rodents into bloodthirsty Mr. Hydes.

    Mar/Apr 2017
  • Wikimedia Commons


    Is gun violence catching?

    A study shows evidence of “social contagion” around guns.

    Mar/Apr 2017
  • Light & Verity


    David Gelernter ’76, ’77MA, on climate change.

    Mar/Apr 2017
  • Milestones

    A pathbreaker at the med school

    Carolyn Walch Slayman was a leader and a mentor at the medical school.

    Mar/Apr 2017
  • Findings

    Dogs vs. toddlers: who’s smarter?

    Are humans gullible? Or do we imitate our elders for a reason?

    Jan/Feb 2017