Yale History

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    The pioneers

    In 1894, when women could not yet vote, seven remarkable scholars became the first women to earn Yale PhDs.

    Sep/Oct 2012
  • Old Yale

    Yale, Calhoun, and the War of 1812

    Yale and a favorite son rarely saw eye to eye.

    Jul/Aug 2012
  • American Philosophical Society


    God and white men at Yale

    In the 1920s, leading thinkers—including the greatest economist America ever produced—focused their efforts on eugenics, preserving the Nordic stock, and the problem of “race suicide.”

    May/Jun 2012
  • Last Look

    Carry a big stick

    The university mace.

    May/Jun 2012
  • Old Yale

    How Yale begat Chicago

    An alum turns her true-crime story into a stage play.

    May/Jun 2012
  • Courtesy Helen Behr Sanford

    Old Yale

    When the Titanic went down

    Six Yale men were aboard.

    Mar/Apr 2012