Yale History

  • Old Yale

    His fair city

    Yale alum Carter Harrison lived and died with the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

    Jan/Feb 2019
  • Manuscripts and Archives

    From the Editor

    Hanna Gray's extraordinary life

    In a new memoir, Yale's first woman president looks back--and forward.

    Jan/Feb 2019
  • features

    The tie that binds

    Fifty years after a stunning Yale-Harvard game ended in a tie, men who played in it still replay it in their minds.

    Nov/Dec 2018
  • Light & Verity

    Doonesbury’s beginnings, half a century ago

    The comic strip got its start in the Yale Daily News.

    Nov/Dec 2018
  • Old Yale

    Yale and the Great War

    World War I—and its end 100 years ago—upended life at the university.

    Nov/Dec 2018 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • Old Yale

    The first Yalies

    The Class of 1718 were the inaugural graduates of the newly named Yale College.

    Sep/Oct 2018