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    The founder of modern ecology

    At five, G. Evelyn Hutchinson collected water mites. At Yale, his research on freshwater species reshaped scientific thinking about natural history.

    Nov/Dec 2015
  • Last Look

    Writing on the wall

    Eight words on the side of a building, tied to abolition, secession, and “Jingle Bells.”

    Nov/Dec 2015
  • Old Yale

    “A genius, but mad”

    Delia Bacon was a pioneering Shakespeare skeptic—and an inspired interpreter of his plays.

    Nov/Dec 2015
  • Light & Verity

    Diamond anniversary

    Yale and Wesleyan celebrate their first baseball game, 150 years ago.

    Nov/Dec 2015
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    Yale’s Narrative, and Yours

    Dean Jonathan Holloway’s address to the Class of 2019

    Nov/Dec 2015 | Ico comments 1 comment
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    All American

    Before he had even graduated from Yale, Walter Camp took the lead in transforming a chaotic variant of English rugby into football as we know it.

    Sep/Oct 2015