In Remembrance: Harold H. Davidson ’44 Died on September 12 2016

Harold Davidson died on September 12, 2016, in Sunnyvale, California. He was 93 years old. After graduating Yale, he received his medical degree from the Long Island College of Medicine. He deferred his military service to attend medical school and then served in the USAF medical reserve in Wiesbaden, Germany, during the Korean War. He received further training as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and was in private practice for many years in Detroit, Michigan. In 1978 he moved to Hartford, Connecticut, and received an appointment as associate clinical professor in psychiatry at the Child Study Center at Yale Medical School. In 1980, he moved to Boston and received an appointment as lecturer in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is survived by his two children (including Josh Davidson ’81).

—Submitted by the family.

2 remembrances

  • John Thomas Jefferson
    John Thomas Jefferson, 1:46am March 20 2018 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    I love you, my great and special friend. You gave so much to me, to everyone. So warm, loving, decent, brilliant. Life is hard. I've missed you and deeply sorry for hurting you and those that love you. John

  • Douglas Wolter,MA
    Douglas Wolter,MA, 9:31am January 14 2020 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    It was an honor to have worked with him in Birmingham Michigan.

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