School of nursing

Dean creates office of diversity

Dean Ann Kurth ’90MSN has established an Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the school and has appointed associate professor Jacquelyn Taylor to lead this effort as assistant dean. Taylor’s role will strengthen YSN’s academic enterprise, improve institutional structures and practices, and enhance representations of diversity in the community. 

Yale president Peter Salovey recently called upon university leaders to enhance institutional structures and practices with regards to diversity and inclusion. “Our teaching, research, and practice—indeed our entire YSN community—is strengthened by diversity at all levels,” said Dean Kurth.

Combination of genetics and smoking increases blood pressure

A recent study led by associate professor Jacquelyn Taylor has found that the interaction of genetics and cigarette smoking has a negative effect on systolic blood pressure in African Americans. The study, titled “A genome-wide study of blood pressure in African Americans accounting for gene-smoking interaction,” was published in the Nature publication Scientific Reports in January.

Teaching child care providers how to administer meds

YSN professor and pediatric nurse practitioner specialty director Angela Crowley has led an effort to design a curriculum for a program that trains child care providers on the proper ways to administer medications. So far, the Yale and YSN program has trained more than 75 nurse consultants. The program supports the school’s ongoing effort to increase awareness and use of the curriculum, with funding from the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut and the state departments of education and social services.

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