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School Notes: School of Art
January/February 2007

Marta Kuzma |

Art classes for everyone

A series of one-night, three-hour undergraduate workshops aimed at non-art students was offered free of charge to the Yale undergraduate community last fall. Initiated by new dean Robert Storr and associate dean Sam Messer, "Increase the Size of Your Brain" offered six workshops in various media, taught by both tenured and part-time faculty: "Getting from the Neck to the Knee" focused on drawing and was taught by Dean Storr; "No Photography Experience Necessary," with Lisa Kereszi and other faculty, centered on pinhole camera. Other subjects included "Mold from Life and Plaster Casts" with Daphne Fitzpatrick; "Introduce Yourself to Monotype" with Norm Paris; "Painting Basics" with Clint Jukkala; and "Handmade Collage Techniques: Exploring Principles of Visual Communication," led by Henk Van Assen, director of undergraduate studies. Offered on a first-come sign-up basis, each of the courses was quickly oversubscribed, which pleased Dean Storr. "It's exciting to watch people connect with their own talent for the first time or reconnect after a long pause," he said. "It's gratifying to provide the situation where that happens and to see how contagious it can be."

"Increase the Size of Your Brain" continues in the spring semester with such workshops as "Small-Format Street Photography," "The Good Stuff: From the Waist to the Toes" (drawing part II), and "Thinking With Your Eyes" (an adjunct to the formal course "Visual Thinking").



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