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School Notes: School of Art
July/August 2014

Marta Kuzma |

The art of public health

For the second time in two years, students from the School of Art have teamed up with their peers from the School of Public Health to create health-themed posters on the dangers of concussions, child abuse, early signs of autism, skin cancer, and other issues. This collaboration, called the Art of Public Health, brought together a total of 17 students from both schools to produce effective health messages for a diverse public audience. Led by Henk van Assen, a senior critic at the School of Art, and Catherine Yeckel of the School of Public Health, the project resulted in the creation of more than 20 posters, which have been exhibited at both schools. Yeckel and van Assen hope to find other venues to show the posters this year, and to make the Art of Public Health an annual event.

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