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School Notes: School of Art
September/October 2014

Marta Kuzma |

Sixty-five years at Norfolk

The Yale Summer School of Art celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2014, holding its traditional six-week program in painting, printmaking, drawing, and digital photography on the Ellen Battell Stoeckel estate in Norfolk, Connecticut. Through the generosity of the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Trust, the full expenses of tuition, room, and board are covered for each student in the program. 

Distinguished artists serve on both resident and visiting faculty. Visiting faculty provide workshops, lectures, and individual criticism. Resident faculty for the 2014 session included: Colleen Asper, Sarah Anne Johnson, Sam Messer, and Didier William. Visiting artists and lecturers this year included: Ahmed Alsoudani, Carroll Dunham, Rochelle Feinstein, Josephine Halvorson, Michaela Murphy, Jonathan Safran Foer, Dana Schutz, Shelly Silver, and Robert Storr. The list of Norfolk alumni includes such illustrious artists as William Bailey, Eva Hesse, Robert Mangold, Chuck Close, Brice Marden, Vija Celmins, Sarah Sze, Chie Fueki, Josh Marsh, Mickelene Thomas, Norm Paris, Sarah Lasley, and Josephine Halvorson.

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