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School Notes: Yale College
November/December 2008

A message from Peter Salovey

In my time as dean of Yale College, I have appreciated the opportunity this column has afforded me to communicate with alumni and to share updates about some of our initiatives to sustain the mission of the college. This is my last communication with you in my role as dean of Yale College. I am honored that President Levin has appointed me provost of the university, effective October 1. I know our paths will continue to cross as I take on the challenges of this new position. I look forward to working with the new dean to continue to ensure the excellence of Yale College.

Bulldogs Across America

Yale College's Office of Undergraduate Career Services directs the Bulldogs Across America program, which provides internships for Yale students across the U.S. each summer. Undergraduates can choose from a wide range of corporate, nonprofit, and government positions. This popular program continues to grow from the pilot in Louisville, Kentucky, ten years ago, to a total of seven cities, including Cleveland, Denver, San Francisco, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Two new cities were added this past summer: New Orleans and Houston. To supplement the Bulldog internships, Yale works with alumni in each city to organize an impressive slate of programs for the students. For summer 2008, nearly 500 Yale undergraduates applied for fewer than 140 internships in the host cities.

Bulldogs in Uganda

Since 2003, the International Bulldogs program has offered internship opportunities to allow Yale undergraduates to spend  nine weeks of the summer living and working in cities around the globe. Administered by the Office of Undergraduate Career Services (UCS) under the auspices of the Center for International Experience, the program has grown from internships for 16 students in one city -- London -- to 215 internships in 17 cities in 2008, including Athens, Brussels, Budapest, Istanbul, Montreal, and Singapore. One relatively recent addition to the program is Bulldogs in Uganda, which started in the summer of 2007 with the help and organization of then-senior Rebekah Emanuel (ES ’07). Emanuel had worked in Kampala the summer before and felt there were exciting work opportunities for Yalies there.

Working with the director of UCS, Philip Jones, Rebekah created the infrastructure in Kampala to launch a Bulldogs program there with eight internships. This year, Emanuel returned to Kampala with 16 undergraduates. Two students worked at Hospice Africa Uganda, a cancer and AIDS hospice with a new pediatric cancer team. The students helped the hospice's work on Burkitt's Lymphoma, a highly treatable form of cancer among Ugandan children. Seven other Yalies worked for members of Uganda's multiparty parliament. Two students worked in a TB clinic run by Yuka Manabe (MC ’87), helping to reorganize the clinic to prevent the spread of TB to uninfected caregivers and patients within the clinic. Other students worked as teachers and journalists. "Our internship sponsors were amazed at how much these students accomplished in their jobs," notes Emanuel. She looks forward to a new group of students accomplishing even more in the program next year.

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