• Light & Verity

    Hale fellow well met

    Finally, a Yale hero gets his bobblehead tribute.

    Jul/Aug 2015 | Ico comments 7 comments
  • Light & Verity

    Shrimp sorting

    Volunteers in Taipei were among 4,000 alums who participated in the Yale Day of Service.

    Jul/Aug 2015
  • Where They Are Now

    Changing the world, one toilet at a time

    An alum’s startup company promises better sanitation for the poor.

    May/Jun 2015
  • features

    Crib notes to the AYA

    Anyone who completed a semester at Yale is a member of the Association of Yale Alumni. If you’re not sure what it does, you’re not alone. Here’s a guide.

    May/Jun 2015 | Ico comments 3 comments
  • features

    By reason of insanity

    A Yale Law alumnus, once hospitalized for schizophrenia, sues the state that detained him.

    May/Jun 2015 | Ico comments 1 comment
  • Where They Are Now

    Designer, Type A

    An alumna tells how she became the villain on a reality TV show.

    Jan/Feb 2015