• Where They Are Now

    The road to Despicable Me

    A veteran screenwriter reveals the secret of writing comedy.

    Jul/Aug 2016
  • Milestones

    A volunteer goes pro

    J. Weili Cheng ’77 is the new director of the Association of Yale Alumni.

    Jul/Aug 2016
  • Light & Verity

    Supreme leaders

    The law schools that have produced the most Supreme Court justices.

    May/Jun 2016
  • From the Editor

    How a kidney changed hands

    The two alumni were strangers, but thanks to an ad in the alumni magazine, they now share an intimate bond.

    May/Jun 2016 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • Shaughn and John


    War and after

    Veterans of recent conflicts talk about their lives before and after deployment.

    May/Jun 2016
  • Where They Are Now

    The historian behind the Broadway blockbuster

    Before Hamilton the hip-hop hit, there was Hamilton the biography.

    Mar/Apr 2016