Politics & Law

  • Where They Are Now

    He tried for the CIA. Comedy was more fun.

    David Litt ’08 was the “token funny person” on Barack Obama’s speechwriting team.

    Jul/Aug 2018
  • Light & Verity


    James Forman Jr. ’92JD on what he has in common with Kendrick Lamar.

    Jul/Aug 2018
  • Barry Falls


    To have and have not

    Inequality is getting worse, says Steven Brill, because the rich can opt out of society’s problems.

    May/Jun 2018 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • Light & Verity


    A student activist is invited to the State of the Union.

    Mar/Apr 2018
  • features

    Policing: the view from campus

    Ideas about procedural justice are having an impact on Yale’s own police force.

    Jan/Feb 2018
  • features

    Everyday justice

    Law School professor Tracey Meares is helping police to build trust with civilians.

    Jan/Feb 2018 | Ico comments 3 comments