People & Profiles

  • Milestones

    A scholar of humans—and nature

    Environment school professor Stephen Kellert ’71PhD was “always looking to the next thing on the horizon.”

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • Where They Are Now

    Still in the running

    Catching up with Olympic marathoner Frank Shorter ’69.

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • Mark Ostow


    Voices of commencement

    We stopped a few graduates—and a professor—for a few words on graduation day.

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • features

    “The greatest mind in American history”

    He was one of the nation’s most important scientists. Yet most people barely know his name.

    May/Jun 2017 | Ico comments 10 comments
  • features


    After a devastating accident, Ed Bennett ’84 showed “how to piece a life together.”

    May/Jun 2017 | Ico comments 6 comments
  • Where They Are Now

    That’s entertainment

    David Herskovitz ’84 makes theater with rigorous artistic principles—and a commitment to fun.

    May/Jun 2017