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    It’s not just the germs

    Veteran AIDS activist Gregg Gonsalves wants to change the way you think about illness.

    Sep/Oct 2015 | Ico comments 5 comments
  • Julie Brown

    Where They Are Now

    Life and money management

    Money manager Scott Bessent ’84 on failure, choosing a major, and how finance is like journalism.

    Sep/Oct 2015
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    Commencement 2015

    As the president urges grads to leave the world a better place, we talk to a few about Yale—and their future.

    Jul/Aug 2015
  • Marilynn K. Yee/<em>The New York Times</em>/Redux


    Peter Gay, 1923–2015

    A giant of European cultural history who cared about people.

    Jul/Aug 2015
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    William Zinsser, 1922–2015

    A writer’s writer who taught that clutter was the enemy.

    Jul/Aug 2015
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    By reason of insanity

    A Yale Law alumnus, once hospitalized for schizophrenia, sues the state that detained him.

    May/Jun 2015 | Ico comments 1 comment