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Energetic, petite, outrigger canoeist, kayaker, rail-trail cyclist, XC skier, involved with community

betterment, politically left (Smith '78, Yale widow, no offspring, just dog) seeks fit, clever, outgoing man (54-65 y/o) to share interests and life.

Charlottesville. Long distance OK.


NYC gay man, Williams BA, NYU JD, Yale PhD, 70, 5'8", 150 lb, athletic, vegan, teetotaler, non-smoker, divorced, seeks like-minded man for

affection and intimacy. See www.danpinello.com

Seeking men 36-75 to introduce to our outstanding/attractive female clients in Ct/New England, New York and beyond. We have experienced an unprecedented demand for private, vetted introductions to like-minded, Ivy-educated, fit, professionals seeking love and wishing to share their lives. Confidentiality assured. Reach out to: sandy@therighttimeconsultants.com, 212-627-0121. www.therighttimeconsultants.com